Earlier this month, ROS Creative Team spent 3 days in Xpu-Ha filming at Hotel Esencia, one of the most exclusive getaways in the Mayan Riviera. As the former holiday home of an Italian duchess, Hotel Esencia is synonymous with elegance and luxury and for us it was an opportunity to craft images that live up to Esencia’s stunning setting and distinguished history.


We decided to shoot the project on a Sony FS5, the new cinema camera that is getting rave reviews for it’s huge dynamic range and one-of-a-kind variable ND filter. For Hotel Esencia, we put the camera through its paces under the most demanding tropical conditions. Our FS5 rolled on a dolly, floated on a Ronin and flew at the end of a 24 foot jib arm to get amazing shots for Esencia. 

So what did we think? Well, put it this way…with its ability to handle highlight rolloff and still maintain detail in the shadows, the small but mighty FS5 might be the perfect camera for this dynamic filming location! 


A few months ago we told you about a “branded-content” action film we shot in Tulum. Well, the trailer and website for ADAPT OR DIE are now up!

We produced ADAPT OR DIE along with Los Angeles’ 90,000 Feet and Director Chris Nolan. The movie was produced for US tech company Apigee (just acquired by Google), and will premiere September 27th as part of the “Adapt or Die World Tour”.

If you are curious about “branded content” advertising be sure to check out the ADAPT OR DIE mini-site. It is a great case-study on how to integrate interactive entertainment with creative marketing and branding to reach prospective customers.

We’ll let you know as soon as the movie is available online so you too can learn #howdidtheydoit ?